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Nail Salon, nail extensions nail tips, hands and feetBeauty by Donna and nail salon in Lincoln is here to help enhance your nails, hands and feet with a Spa manicure or pedicure using OPI Infinite shine nail polish, OPI gel nail polish, Calgel gel nail colour, Calgel gel nail extensions or nail tips. 

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Gel Nails
CalGel is unlike the average gel or nail product - it does not seal off and inhibit the natural biological nail system.
CalGel is easily and safely removable, flexible and is Non chip nail colour, Calgel is thin and natural looking, NOT tested on animals and causes NO damage to natural nails with low maintenance. A vast range of semi-permanent nail colours are available for finger and toe nails. Please note I do not remove nails applied from other salons, remover is available to buy from the salon to use at home.
Removal is free if they have been done within Beauty by Donna nail salon
Calgel gel on natural nails can be soaked off with a new colour each time or reapplied without removal if you want the same colour or to go darker.

Calgel gel on natural nails colour, glitter or clear                      60 minutes £30.00                                                            
Calgel on natural nails fingers and toes                                                            £50.00

Maintenance on hands includes up to 3 breakages every 3 to 4 week             £28.00
The same colour maybe applied or a new darker colour if you do not want them soaking off. Calgel does not require soaking and removing unless you want to go lighter.  

Free soak off (with or without new gel application) if these have been done at beauty by Donna salon in Lincoln                         

gel nails pedicure

Mini manicure
Finger nails or toe nails with OPI infinite shine nail polish         35 minutes     £18.00
Finger nails or toe nails with OPI gel nail polish                         40 minutes     £28.00
OPI gel polish is a hybrid between a normal nail polish and true gel. OPI gel polish lasts for several weeks but will need removing before applying a new colour however a specially formulated gel which is like cal gel can be applied which can make it last as long as Calgel and you may not have to remove them.                                        

Calgel                                                                                            60 minutes      £30.00
Spa Manicure
Nails are file and shaped, cuticles are tidied, hands are exfoliated with sea salt scrub, finishing with a mini hand massage, and a polish of your choice if required. (Please bring your own if you wish)
                                                                                                45 minutes   £25.00
French manicure                                                                                         £25.50
with OPI gel nail polish or Calgel                                         75 minutes   £38.00
Relief for tattered feet.
Nails, pedicures, feet, nail colour Do you have dry, cracked, achy feet? we have all you need to get your feet feeling and looking great again guaranteed.
Spa Pedicure
Nails are clipped and filed, cuticles are tidied, hard dry skin is buffed and and scrubbed smooth finishing with mineral rich foot cream and a polish of your choice.(bring your own polish if you wish) 
Please bring open toe sandals / flip flops.
Free foot file to take home.                                                    

Pedicure with infinite shine nail polish                        50 minutes   £35.00 
With gel                                                                        75 minutes   £40.00

Luxury Pedicure 
Relief for tattered feet. Feet are soaked in a relaxing foot bath, you are then made comfortable on the couch where you can put your legs up whilst you relax ready for your nails and cuticles to be clipped and tidied, hard, rough skin is buffed and scrubbed smooth ready for a nourishing, repairing mask with heated booties finishing with a relaxing yet refreshing foot and leg massage and a polish of your choice if required. Choose from French, clear, or colour, feel free to bring your own. 
Please bring open toe flip flops / sandals. Free foot file to take home. 

Luxury pedicure with OPI infinite shine nail polish              
                                                                                               55 minutes     £40.00 
With OPI gel nail polish                                                        75 minutes     £45.00

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